about the dogs

Our dogs are alaskanhuskys, hounds or crosses of those two.

Carlos is our first sleddog. He will be 12 this year. He is a very enthusiastic leaddog and has never quitted. On trainingruns he can still run in lead when we do our first autumn runs and the speed is not too bad. (8/2011)
Ali has great appetite. Big, strong, gentle guy with no brain but all action.
Buffalo, Ruuhirod 2011
Senta(breeder Petter Karlsson) on the left and Buffalo(breeder Maria Lindqvist) on the right side in this photo, the two main leaders last season.

Two of the eight Sherpas
We had no trouble at all to get all the Sherpas in the same picture  ;) This is  the first litter we have planned  ourselves and hopes are high of course. Senta here and Buffalo are the proud parents. Our youngest daughter is only a few days older than the pups.

Rex (breeder Anu Jaakonsaari)and one of the sherpas. Rex has taught us a lot about what it means to be a hard driving sleddog, both in good and bad : most importantly keeping good steady speed.  He is half a year younger than Carlos but has been already for a while retired for physical reasons. He lives at home with us and enjoys all advantages of pet life and we enjoy his company.

Lola is a lead dog who doesn`t know how to do it the easy way.  She loves three things: eating, being petted and running hard

Durak (from Petter Karlsson) promising young boy, hopefully one of our leaders next winter

We will be adding more dogtalk here every now and then...