Metsäkartano sprint 2012
Ruuhirod MD8  4x20km/20h  2./7

SM MD6 kulta/ gold
SM SPU pronssi/ bronze
Eastpoint Open 3 x 31 km MD8  2./17
SM canicross 4. Jari + Valto

Before 2012/ ennen v 2012

SM=Finnish Championships
SM MD6 pronssi/ bronze 2011
SM canicross viesti pronssi/ relay bronze 2010
SM canicross kulta/ gold 2008
SM canicross viesti pronssi/ relay bronze 2008
SM 4R hopea/ silver 2008
SM canicross hopea/ silver 2007
SM canicross viesti kulta/ relay gold 2007

Canicross Motivaattori-cup I  2007

Other sports

SM snowshoe group trekking joukkueessa/in team Kurjan Veljet hopea/silver 
SM judo -60kg pronssi/bronze 1988
SM  judo Ajun -60kg hopea/ silver 1988


2012 Kuusamo sprint 4 koiran luokka, sijoitus 3. (epävirallinen kisa, yleinen sarja)/ unofficial race Kuusamo sprint 4 dog class 3./12


Ruuhirod MD6  4x20km/20h  2./9

I raced with old leaders and young dogs to get racing experience to the young ones. I really enjoy watching the learning process of youngsters and look forward to the time that I can take part in that process again.... For me the biggest challenge was Ruuhirod which I took part in 6 dog class with five dog team. In Ruuhirod you have 20 hours time to run 4 x 20 km. Time for each 20 km is counted together and the fastest team of course wins. The race is very interesting and fun.

Leena in Oinakka race, just passed  the bigger team behind and very happy to see the finish line. Both our oldest leaders Carlos(the better working dog in wheel) and Rex (in lead, right)still running fine here.  (Copyright Kari Yliräisänen)